Hamilton Youth Criminal Defence Lawyers

At Dean D. Paquette & Associate, we are committed to protecting the rights and futures of young people. Simple errors in judgment and misunderstandings can lead to criminal offences that can follow a minor into adulthood. If your son or daughter is in trouble with the law, contact our lawyers for a strong defence. We will work hard to prevent legal sanctions and to keep a conviction from being entered on your child's record.

Southern Ontario Drug Possession Lawyers and More

Whether we are successful in negotiations, or you need representation in youth court, we will vigorously pursue the best possible outcome. We have defended youth and adults throughout Ontario since 1988. When your son or daughter's future is on the line, entrust the matter to our reputable, highly experienced lawyers. We defend juveniles against all criminal offences, including:

Our law firm regularly defends youth against very serious criminal offences, including cases before the Supreme Court of Canada. We know the system, and we understand the fundamental differences in how youth and adults are prosecuted. While your son or daughter is likely eligible for legal aid, hiring an experienced private lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Contact Dean D. Paquette & Associate to build a strong defence in your child's favour. To arrange a meeting with an experienced Hamilton your criminal defence lawyer, call us toll free at 1-877-351-6911.