Hamilton Drug Trafficking Defence Lawyers

At Dean D. Paquette & Associate, we defend individuals who have been charged with trafficking narcotics. If you have been charged or are under investigation for transporting illegal narcotics or possessing drugs for the purpose of trafficking, we will fight for you. Your rights must be protected from the very beginning, so it is critically important to speak to one of our experienced lawyers as soon as possible.

With more than 35 years of experience, we are respected leaders in the area of criminal law, and we are known for providing vigorous defence to clients throughout the Golden Horseshoe and Southern Ontario. Contact us if you or a loved one is facing trafficking charges involving any of the following drugs:

Southern Ontario Cocaine Trafficking Defence Lawyers

Conviction for trafficking narcotics like cocaine or heroin will result in serious penalties, including a lengthy jail sentence. At Dean D. Paquette & Associate, our goal is to prevent conviction. We often work to have our clients' charges abandoned based on police misconduct, including illegal search and seizure, and through other creative defence strategies.

Our lawyers will keep you informed at all times and take the time to listen, answer your questions and explain your options. If you are interested in what we have to offer and would like to meet with us, contact us online or call our Hamilton drug trafficking defence lawyers toll free at 1-877-351-6911.