Search and Seizure in Ontario

Do you believe your rights were infringed upon by the police? No matter the reason for the arrest or investigation, you have certain rights and freedoms afforded to you in Canada. Unfortunately, police and government misconduct is not uncommon, and many people's rights are violated.

At Dean D. Paquette & Associate, we are passionate about upholding the rights of those accused of crimes. We are criminal defence lawyers in Ontario, and we are known for our work in situations involving questions of legal search and seizure tactics, and Charter of Rights violations.

Hamilton Lawyers for Cases Involving Police Misconduct

The police often employ search warrants, wiretaps and other surveillance methods to obtain evidence that can then be used to justify a criminal charge. Seized property and other evidence are also frequently used to build the prosecution's case against the accused person. Search and seizure activities are highly regulated, and the laws apply to all offences, including drug offences, sexual offences, weapons charges and income tax evasion.

At Dean D. Paquette & Associate, we will not hesitate to challenge police conduct. If you believe that law enforcement officers have wrongfully interfered with your rights, contact us. We will conduct an investigation to determine if your property was searched illegally or if your rights were violated in any way during the search and/or seizure.

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