Hamilton Sexual Offence Lawyers

Any sexual offence can result in very serious penalties for the accused. In addition to incarceration, a conviction can result in mandatory registration as a sex offender with Canada's National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR). At Dean D. Paquette & Associate, we know that sometimes these charges can stem from perfectly legal activity, and they are often the result of false allegations.

Sex-related crimes carry a stigma unlike any other criminal offence. If you are dealing with a sex offence charge, speak with a lawyer who has in-depth familiarity in these complex, serious cases. At Dean D. Paquette & Associate, we have been providing defence to clients facing sex offence charges throughout the Golden Horseshoe and Southern Ontario since 1988.

Southern Ontario Lawyers for Internet Sex Charges and Other Sex Crimes

A sex offence conviction can be devastating in many ways. The sooner you retain us, the more time we have to prepare your defence and work to have the charges abandoned. Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate any evidence and identify motives that the victim may have had in accusing you of this crime. We can build a strong, creative defence for any sexual offence, including:

If you are interested in what we have to offer and would like to meet with us, contact us online or call our Hamilton sexual offences lawyers toll free at 1-877-351-6911.