Hamilton Internet Luring Defence Lawyers

The legal age for consenting to sexual activity in Canada is 16 years of age. Unfortunately, sometimes minors lie about their age when they are using the Internet, which can present a huge risk for adults engaging in conversation with them online. Typically, if sex is discussed online, and an in-person meeting is arranged with a person under 14, the adult can be charged with Internet luring.

Southern Ontario Child Luring Lawyers

At Dean D. Paquette & Associate in Ontario, we know that Internet luring charges often stem from misunderstandings and entrapment by the police. If this has happened to you, it's up to you and your lawyer to prove your innocence. Our lawyers are vigorous advocates for clients charged with sexual offences, including Internet luring.

Entrapment and Online Luring

Entrapment can occur when police investigators set up "sting" operations in attempt to catch people in the act of soliciting minors in chat rooms, on social networking sites and other online activities. If you feel you were baited or entrapped by law enforcement, or you were lied to by a minor about his or her age, we can help you build a strong case in your defence.

Our lawyers are known for the ability to convince the prosecution to abandon cases against clients based on police misconduct or other evidence. Whether your case is abandoned, or we fight for you in the courtroom, we will work for the best outcome possible.

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