Domestic Violence Defence Lawyer in Southern Ontario

Domestic violence cases often involve escalated problems between spouses or people in relationship. If someone is accused of domestic violence in Southern Ontario, the police will take the accused one into custody. And, after being released from jail, he or she cannot contact with the accuser or even with their children. At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we have defended many people who were facing serious domestic violence charges.

Hamilton Spousal Abuse Lawyers

Allegations of spousal abuse usually accompany divorce or other family law proceedings, while affecting the outcome of a pending family law case. Our spousal abuse lawyers have helped many of the clients in Hamilton, who were suddenly facing serious criminal charges. We’ll investigate the accusations and uncover the truth, with the ultimate aim of having the charges withdrawn. 

If If you believe there is a false accusation charged against you from your spouse, in attempt to gain custody of your children and possession of your property, consult with our knowledgeable lawyers. We understand your concerns and what you’re up against; we’ll work hard to protect your interests. Whether our lawyers are successful at negotiation or they go to trial, they work for the best outcome possible. 

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If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, count on us. Our experienced lawyers will fight to obtain the best possible result for you.

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