Tax Evasion Defence Lawyers in Hamilton

Since 1988, Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers has been providing strong defence for both individuals and businesses in Ontario and throughout the country, who are accused of income tax evasion. If you’re being charged with or under investigation for tax evasion, count on our tax evasion defence lawyers in Hamilton. We’ll work hard to limit the damage you incur as a result.

Tax Fraud Lawyers in Southern Ontario

If you’re charged of withholding information from the government about your income, our tax fraud lawyers in Southern Ontario can defend you. When you choose Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, you can rest assured that your tax-related case is in the hands of lawyers with decades of experience in the area of criminal defence. 

We also understand that government agencies usually do not act in compliance with the law. If you’ve been subjected to illegal search and seizure charges or a denial of your rights, we’ll effectively use the injustices to your advantage.

When you’re convicted of income tax evasion, you face serious financial penalties, including payment of the amount, interest, and substantial fines. Some offences may have multiple prosecutions, including a criminal charge, especially when an allegation of failure to declare income is present. At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we are proud of our creative defence strategies. For more information, contact us online.

Tax Evasion Lawyer to Protect You

If you or your loved one has been charged with a tax crime, choose us. Our lawyers have helped many clients in similar situations.

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