Charged with a Criminal Offence?

We understand there are few experiences as frightening as being charged with a criminal offence. The consequences can be reaching and may affect all areas of your life. Having an experienced criminal law firm on your side is critical to the outcome of your case. At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, our goal is to use our experience to solve your criminal law problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Criminal Defence

When you’re charged with a criminal offence you need a strong advocate in your corner to protect your rights against the awesome power of the state. At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we defend clients charged with all types of criminal offences. 

We have an established reputation with the bench and bar and are at home in the courtroom. We take pride in providing skilled representation at every stage of proceedings to solve problems efficiently and effectively.


Our criminal justice system is not infallible. Sometimes trial courts get it wrong and a second look is required. Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers represents clients in the preparation and arguing of appeals in our appellate courts. In both our oral and written advocacy, we bring an approach that is at once scholarly and creative. With preparation, knowledge and advocacy, we aim to persuade.

Legal Opinions and Advice

Knowledge is power and sometimes the best defence is a good offence. When faced with a potential legal problem, knowing your rights at an early stage can be critical to how a situation unfolds. Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers provides candid, honest advice and opinions to help clients deal with criminal law issues before they become criminal law problems.

We Are Ready To Defend You

Our lawyers are well practiced in defending clients against criminal charges.

We Craft Effective Appeals

Our lawyers have significant experience in filing and representing clients on a variety of appeals.

We Have a Reputation for Excellence

Reach out to us for professional and honest legal assistance in matters concerning criminal law.


At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we are criminal defence lawyers in Hamilton. From shoplifting to murder and everything in between, we use our experience, expertise and honest advice to work for you. We represent clients at all stages of criminal process. Whether it’s providing advice pre-charge, navigating the court process, conducting trials or arguing appeals, we’re in your corner every step of the way. Our criminal lawyers in Hamilton are dedicated to protecting your rights and freedom. We strive to provide you with the help you need and the results you deserve.


Experienced lawyers play an important role when you are facing any kind of criminal charges. They will defend and stand by you every step of the way. If you are looking for trusted lawyers in Hamilton and surrounding areas, contact Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers. We are criminal lawyers committed to ensuring that your case is handled with professionalism, skill and efficiency. Our goal is to protect your rights and rigorously defend you at the negotiation table or in court.

At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we represent clients charged with all measures of criminal offences. Our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable and offer skilled and reliable representation for those facing a wide range of charges including drug offences, drinking and driving, sexual offences, domestic violence, weapon charges, fraud, tax evasion and much more. We understand that anyone can be charged with a criminal offense, and we understand the potential life-altering consequences that can result. That is why we work hard to obtain the best possible result through both effective negotiation and vigorous advocacy in the courtroom.

We Have the Experience You Can Rely On

At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we have over 40 years of combined experience in the rigorous defence of criminal offences in Hamilton and the surrounding area. We are known for our creative strategies, professional reputation and expertise with all types of criminal cases. We thoroughly review, research and prepare our cases to provide our clients with top quality representation. If you have questions about our practice or would like to discuss your case, please give us a call and set up a meeting.


Located in Hamilton, Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers provides reliable legal services to clients in Hamilton and surrounding areas. With over 40 years of combined experience in criminal law, we know what it takes to protect your rights and navigate your criminal problem, whether it involves a minor or serious offence. When you choose Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers as your lawyers, you are choosing a firm who will keep you informed about your rights and options while working toward achieving a favourable outcome. Whether you’re charged with impaired driving or drug offences, domestic violence or sexual offences, fraud, theft or even murder, we are highly qualified, competent and prepared to defend you.

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Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers have vast experience in all areas of criminal law including trials and appeals.

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