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If someone you care about or a loved one has been arrested, you would need the help of a lawyer to help get him or her out. The lawyer you select could be one of the important decisions you make during the bail process. Contact our Hamilton-based bail lawyers at Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers for assistance. Being released on bail can also play a vital role in the eventual outcome of the case. 

Since 1988, we have been providing criminal defence and bail assistance to clients from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Our lawyers provide representation for all bail issues, including bail variations, bail hearings, and bail denial reviews.


In order to secure your release from custody it is sometimes necessary for a person to come forward to act as your surety. Often that person will be a family member or friend. They must be prepared to take on the responsibility of supervising you in the community, which comes with a requirement to make a financial pledge to the court. The surety is responsible for ensuring the accused person complies with the terms of the bail, and stands to lose the forfeit the funds pledged if the accused does not comply.


You probably will have questions if someone you care about has been arrested or if you have been asked to act as a surety. At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we will provide you with close attention, answer your questions, and help you understand the complete legal process. Contact us online to speak with our bail lawyers in Hamilton.



For many, eing arrested or having a loved onearrested can be a shocking and confusing experience. Knowing where to turn for guidance and representation is important to navigating the situation. Some commonly asked questions about bail are:


What Bail Conditions Can I Expect?

Your bail conditions depend heavily on the nature of your purported crime and the circumstances around it. Some common bail conditions include:

-          A requirement that you live with your surety.

-          An absolute prohibition against contact or communication with the complainant or witnesses

-          A prohibition against attending at certain locations

-          A weapons prohibition


In cases involving more serious offences, terms may also include a curfew or house arrest.


How Long Will I Be on Bail?

The terms of bail remain in place and must be adhered to until your case is concluded. Depending on the nature of the charges and the direction your case takes, this means you could be on bail for a significant period of time. The terms of bail come to a conclusion if and when:

-          The charges are stayed or withdrawn

-          You plead guilty and have been sentenced

-          You are found guilty following a trial and have been sentenced; or

-          You acquitted following a trial


is a criminal offence to breach the terms of a court order, including a bail order. If you are caught breaching the terms of your bail, you will be re-arrested and charged with a further offence and held in custody unless and until you are able to secure your release a second time. You and your surety may also face an application to estreat the monies pledged to secure your initial release.


How Do I Prepare for My Bail Hearing?

An accused only gets one shot to secure release on bail. Subject to a successful bail review, if detained, you will be held in custody pending the disposition of your case, even though you may be innocent. Being held in custody while waiting for trial can make it more difficult to access resources and defend yourself. Having a lawyer who is experienced and prepared is critical to this important stage of the proceedings.Paquette Wilhelm we have assisted countlessclients to secure their release on bail with our experience, knowledge and preparation. We work with you and your loved ones to create a strong plan of release; attempt to negotiate your release on consent; and advocate for your release in the course of a hearing


Do you have any more questions about bail hearings and our services in Hamilton? You can send us your queries and we will get back to you.



Do you have a bail hearing looming in your near future? Has your loved one been arrested for a crime? The experienced bail lawyers at Paquette Wilhelm will help youthrough every step of the bail hearing process. We have years of experience in handling bail hearings for all kinds of crimesWe provide solid advice, work with your sureties to develop a viable release plan, and navigate the bail system to work to secure your release.Bail is a critical stage in any criminal proceeding and it is important to obtain effective representation to have the best shot at securing your release. Please call us immediately if you or your loved one needs help at the bail stage. You can call us at 905-524-3326 or at 905-719-5915 which is our after-hours hotline for emergencies.


If someone you know has been accused of a criminal offence and held in custody, our firm can assist you in obtaining a bail reduction for that individual.

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