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Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviour in any relationship, but they are also often false allegations. While the claim has been raised out of a misunderstanding or a moment of anger, the police consider these matters as a serious one and will always have someone arrested. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, or facing the charges of domestic violence in Hamilton, it is important to obtain legal advice from an experienced defence lawyer, who is familiar with this area of law. At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we can assist you throughout the legal process and help you achieve the desired results.

Southern Ontario Domestic Assault Defence Lawyers

At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we also understand that how important it is not to have any violence offence on your criminal record. Our defence lawyers are committed to your success and defending your charges with domestic violence-related crimes, including assault and sexual assault, and criminal harassment. We’ll provide you with quality legal representation to obtain the best possible result for you at trial or through negotiation.


Domestic, or intimate partner violence is a term used to refer to non-consensual acts of physical or sexual force, or pyschologically abusive behaviour, such as criminal harassment, occurring within an intimate relationship. There is no uniform definition of an intimate relationship and they may include parties who are or were dating, common law or married.


The lawyers at Paquette Wilhelm regularly represent clients charged with offences arising out of all manner of intimate relationships in Hamilton.

Consequences and Sentencing for Domestic Violence Charges

Charges involving domestic violence can be complicated, as they often involve the intersection of social, interpersonal and legal. As with any criminal offence, the consequences vary depending on the circumstances of the offence and the personal circumstances of the individual charged. Factors such as the nature and gravity of the offence, the impact on the complainant, the character and criminal record (or lack thereof) of the person charged, all play a role in determining the appropriate penalty.


Some cases require a vigorous defence at trial; however at Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers we are always looking for creative ways to resolve cases short of a trial. This may involve negotiating a plea for the best possible sentence or negotiating the withdrawal of a charge after completion of counselling or the entry into a peace bond.


Our goal is to use our skill and experience in cases of domestic violence to find a favourable outcome for you.

What Happens After You're Arrested for Domestic Violence

Like any arrest, an arrest for an offence of domestic violence generally involves beingtaken into police custody and proceessed. You will be advised of your rights and provided an opportunity to speak to a lawyer, following which, police may or may not seek to interview you. A determination will be made as to whether you will be released from the police station or held for bail. This determination is often a function of the nature of the charge(s) and whether or not you have an existing criminal record.


You are released:

You will be required to sign a Promise to Appear and/or an Undertaking to the Officer in Charge. These documents will contain terms requiring you to appear for fingerprinting and in court at a particular time and date and also typically contain terms that preclude you from contacting or communicating with the complainant or attending at that person’s residence.


You are not released from the station:

You will be held in custody and brought before a Justice of the Peace for purposes of a bail hearing. A Justice of the Peace will determine whether you are released from custody and on what conditions or detained awaiting trial.


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Are you dealing with any violent offences or weapon charges? Speak to our criminal defence lawyer. We’ll work hard to resolve the matter with minimal impact on your life and freedom as possible. At Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers, we can defend you against charges involving:

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If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, count on us. Our experienced lawyers will fight to obtain the best possible result for you.

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