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You may be subject to civil remedies, including forfeiture of your assets if you are charged with cocaine distribution. There are high chances that you could lose your property, vehicle, house, money and more, even if you aren't convicted. It’s very important to hire a reputable lawyer as quickly as possible to protect your rights and belongingness. Located in Hamilton, our cocaine distribution defence lawyers at Paquette Wilhelm Criminal Lawyers aim to protect your rights and your belongings. With over 35 years of experience in the criminal law industry, we will do everything to prevent you from going to jail. Our firm is comprised of experienced attorneys and a high-quality aggressive legal team who knows your rights thoroughly.

Southern Ontario Cocaine Trafficking Lawyers

You are likely to be charged with drug trafficking if you are accused of transporting cocaine. This charge is frequently accompanied by a distribution charge if the amount of cocaine in question is substantial. Whether you or your loved one has been accused of cocaine distribution or cocaine trafficking, we have the expertise to fight for your best interests. Our lawyers take pride in proving that illegal search and seizure techniques have been used, and we will identify any mistakes made by law enforcement while obtaining a search warrant, during surveillance activities or during an arrest. 

If you are facing a conviction before and after sentencing and need help to understand what the potential consequences are, we can help you. Give us a call right away to learn more about our services.


We have the expertise to defend you against any drug offence.

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